A day in the life...

Monday, January 25, 2016 – A day in the life

When I created this blog, I didn’t know what it would really be about.  I decided I wanted to have broad topics about whatever I was excited about at that time, whatever I wanted to vent about at that time, yada yada yada.  Today I decided I would like to have a section called “A day in the life.”  This section will be like a journal of sorts.  So, here it goes…

Today was the Monday after the 2nd largest snow storm ever in NYC.  That meant I still had to go to work because I’m not a teacher anymore.  I woke up and noticed that the dropbox file that I was supposed to upload the night before did not upload because my laptop went into sleep-mode.  I was really mad at myself.  If I would’ve gotten this project done earlier, if I didn’t go sledding the day before and get wasted afterwards – this wouldn’t have happened.  This mattered to me because I have this side gig where I help a professor with his PowerPoint presentations.  I jazz them up, make them more fun, organized and  visual.  I love doing it.  And the fact that I love doing it and get paid for it makes me feel really bad when I mess up like I did – because I don’t want him to think I don’t care about this!  I love his courses too – Organizational Change is one and Advanced Organizational Change is the other.  The other day I told him that I would love to see him in action (and see my slides being presented) and he said I could come in any time.  Today was the day.  I eventually got him the deck – and it was enough time before his course started so it was all good – but of course I felt bad.

I recently started reading a book by Amy Cuddy called Presence.  I’m obsessed with this book right now.  And now I love Amy Cuddy – she is my favorite person right now.  This book is all about how you perceive yourself and how others perceive others and what you can do to make a better, more powerful presence.  I’m still reading it so I’m not sure if I captured it all but you get the gist.  I started reading it during the snowstorm (actually listening on Audible).  Anyway, it’s one of those books that as you read it you feel like your brain is molding to whatever she is saying.  I’m hoping it’s sinking in!  One of the interesting things she mentioned was how we see ourselves as the center of the universe – and we are so critical on ourselves because we think everyone sees us how we see ourselves.  They did research where they had people wear brightly colored Barry Manilow shirts to a class.  They asked these people to guess how many people noticed their shirt.  They always guessed way more than actually noticed.  So, I’ve got to remind myself that because I’m always so worried that people are judging me as hard as I judge myself.

I got into work and shortly after, I went to Professor Jick’s class.  They took a break and that’s when I walked in.  Todd greeted me and reminded me that I almost drove him crazy with that deck.  Of course I felt bad, but we chuckled about it and I explained how disappointed I was that we were on a roll and the last deck got a little shaky with the uploading.  It took 90 minutes to upload because it was such a huge file. ah!  So – the class – Advanced Organizational Change.  LOVE IT!  First of all, they were talking about change agents and personality traits of executives who need to create a change in an organization.  He spoke about head, hand, heart – and how only 5% of top executives possess all 3 of those characteristics.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the nicest part of the class – he asked me to raise my hand and say hello – as he shouted me out for being his “secret tool” that helps him with all of this presentations.  So nice of him!  Eventually I had to go back to my desk and do my “normal” work which today consisted of tying up loose ends of an event I’m organizing tomorrow.

Brooklyn Brewery execs are coming to speak to students.  So we are clearing out the deli area, setting up tables, ordering pizza, having Brooklyn Brewery beer delivered and all of that great stuff.  There are a couple of things I’m iffy about – like I think the beer will probably be delivered too early and it’s going to be a pain in the butt to fill the (garbage) bins with ice (24 bags)… but I’ve learned that stressing doesn’t help so I’m just going to hope for the best!

Last week, I met this guy who told me that he goes to Equinox gym.  I have not really had a good workout since I moved.  Between moving, traveling, decorating, tutoring, mentoring, etc I haven’t had the chance.  I need to get excited about it.  So he told me that the one he goes to in Rockefeller Center even has gym clothes for them to use.  That’s exciting!  Then I got to thinking, normally I buy bootcamp classes, Bikram classes, and that adds up!  So maybe joining Equinox wouldn’t be such a bad idea – I always thought of it as being too sheshefoofoo, but I bet it’s comparable to what I’ve been paying for bootcamp and bikram combined – so I decided to check it out.  I looked at the classes and there are a ton!  I could get all my different workout fixes done in one place – and it’s only 12 minutes from my job!  I used to travel all the way from the UWS to Chelsea – I’m sure I could handle this even though it isn’t close to my apartment – it will do.  I sometimes feel like I need to workout in different parts of the city so I’m not always in one area.  Gotta expand my horizons and network!

After I looked at classes, I decided I wanted to try the Barre class they had.  I’ve been wanting to try it, but never did.  Then I was questioning myself – do I really want to jump into working out in a class that I’ve never took.  What if I hate it and then I’ll stop working out again – maybe I should ease myself into it by just hopping onto the elliptical machine.  Last week, I made an appointment to meet with a sales chick to get a tour and all that stuff.  I told her that I wanted to take the Barre class and that I’d meet with her afterwards.  But today I was thinking, maybe I’ll just tell her that I’ll hold off on the Barre class.  I was having an internal debate about this dumb class.  And then I just said I’m doing it – and I did.  She gave me a tour – The gym is gorgeous and it’s filled with nice looking people.  I even became friends with the sales chick (I usually become friends with most people who try to sell me things – I dated the guy who sold me my VW about 4 years ago, I went to the beach and out to a lounge with my Brazilian waxer about 3 years ago, I made out with a guy who used to cut my hair….) and we decided we would start to take classes together one of these days.  She said she admired that I just jumped into that class with no experience when she hasn’t even taken that class yet – and she works there.  Unlike me, she said she needs a friend with her in a class.  I’m the opposite, I think.  So of course, I ended up signing the contract and now I have a cool Equinox keyfob!

After the gym, I took a train home.  Listened to my audio book for most of the time.  I recognized the train announcer guy – he has a very distinct voice.  Usually I hear him in the morning, going downtown.  This was the first time I heard him at the end of the stop. This guy LOVES his job.  He sounds like he lives for it. And I love that!  His voice sounds like a recording and a game show host.  I noticed that when we got to the final stop he was talking more than usual.  And you’d think – he does this EVERY DAY and probably does this stop multiple times a day – but he was announcing it with his heart and soul, wishing us well on behalf of the MTA!  I wish I recorded the whole thing, but I only caught the last part.


On my way home, I called my nephew for his 8th birthday!  He told me he didn’t have school today and I told him that the snow day was a birthday present from Frosty the Snowman. Not sure if he believes me or thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t care – the fact that he’s still young enough to *maybe* believe it makes it the best conversation I had all day.










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